And the Oscar Goes to… Influencers!

Over four billion people worldwide, nearly half of the world’s population, actively use social networks. This means that potentially half the world’s population is a click away from anything that pops up on instagram, Youtube and other Social networks. How powerful that market is! So much powerful that it creates an industry worth one billion that is based primarily on trust. And here is the main thrust of influencer success, namely Influencer Marketing.

Over fifty million companies have advertised through Instagram over the past year, but not through advertisements and sponsored posts, but right from the hands of their chosen influencers. They can be public figures, industry experts, bloggers, or so-called. microinfluencers. Products are selling much better when influencer works authentically, when customers feel like it’s not paid advertising, but that influencer person really uses that brand and thinks he’s worth it.

And The Oscar goes to Influencers- Blog - Advertising Agency -
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When it comes to Instagram, the question of influencers is just imposing itself. With the entry of this Social network into the business sphere, influencers have become the key in advertising a brand. But, remember that not all infulencers are adequate for every type of business. Before you decide who is the right person to promote your brand, you have to ask yourself: what values ​​and lifestyle they advocate on Social Media and whether it is in line with your brand. What is the structure of their followers and whether it is adequate target group to promote your brand to.

Often, people do not realize the importance of informal communication that influencers have with their followers. We are looking at bloggers on Instagram and YouTube, who are selling us some makeup, a piece of clothing or telling us which restaurant is the best and we decide to believe them.

Half a milion dollars photo / $1 Million USD Per Sponsored Instagram Post

According to predictions from marketing agency Mediakix, advertisers will spend between $ 4.1 and $ 8.2 billion on influencers this year. This is a huge increase over 2015, when that figure was about $500 million.
Still, it’s a small share of the overall advertising market. Also, the amount spent on posts is constantly growing. Let’s say that influencer with 10,000 Instagram followers can cost $200 per post. Celebrities with millions of followers can earn more than half a million dollars in just one photo. Like Kylie Jenner who now makes over $1 million USD per sponsored Instagram post, and Kim Kardashian West, Beyoncé, Cristiano Ronaldo and Justin Bieber aren’t far behind.

And The Oscar goes to Influencers- Blog - Advertising Agency -
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Royal Influence

Queen Elizabeth II, monarch of the 16 Commonwealth royal lands was unveiled at the Museum of Science in London to announce the summer exhibition in 2019. There she saw a letter addressed to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Charles Bebid, the famous mathematician. She shared this story on her Instagram profile and signed the “post” with “Elizabeth R”. Specifically, this was her first post ever on Instagram. An inspiring description of the photo and more than 200,000 likes shows that Queen Elizabeth II became the instagram influencer in just one day.

And The Oscar goes to Influencers- Blog - Advertising Agency -
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