7 Important Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Are you ready to market the innovations that await us in 2020? Have you already made a plan and do you know what will be trending and how to cope with the changes? Here are 7 Important Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

Experts have identified 7 trends that will shape advertising, marketing and business in 2020. It is not necessary to anticipate that in the upcoming trends we are not only talking about new technologies and the speed of adaptation to change, but to succeed we will need to take time for silence, dialogue, authenticity and change of thinking.

The growing importance of Video content

With Cisco predicting that video will account for 82% of total internet communication by 2022, it’s a good opportunity for brands and business owners to focus on collaborating with influencers who market their content on all video-supporting platforms instead of just those who are active on one social network. Yes, Youtube is the main “video network”, but with IGTV, and Facebook’s growing investment in exclusive video content, influencers are expected to have a strong presence on all major social networks.

Privacy and Security – No.1 Digital Marketing trend in 2020

Privacy and security are the most important issues, not just in the field of social networks, but the Internet in general. In order to open an account on gmail or any social network, it is necessary to leave certain personal information, which, paradoxically, serves to protect our privacy. However, no one can say for sure what exactly is being done with all that data and if they are used, what exactly they are used for.

In addition, there is the problem of false followers and influencers. Recall what happened to Zuckerberg recently and how the issue of privacy and the protection of personal data raises many socio-moral issues. When it comes to digital marketing – it is very important to gain customer trust, and privacy and security are without a doubt – the strongest trump card that will bring you good results.

From ROI to emotions and creativity

The right half of the brain works on the basis of emotion and intuition, which is why solutions are deeper, more innovative and creative, and ads are more effective. “Fact-based creativity remains one of the long-term most effective strategies. The best way to build such an emotional connection is storytelling and humor,” says Chiara Manco, associate editor for case studies at WARC, starting with analysis of the most successful examples of good practice.

Goodbye Likes

Digital marketing as we know it goes down in history as its most important metric so far. likes, will no longer be part of our posts, nor will it identify with the brand’s sales success. So in 2020, we will be increasingly chasing reach and conversions.

Podcast mania

Not recording a podcast? This format has become a buzzword in its own way, and as the Pioneers say, it is up to us to realize in the coming year that the podcast is so important to make because of ourselves. A successful podcast requires precise components, both externally and internally. And they are made up of several specific elements. Each podcast host should pay special attention to all of them. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a beginner.

Instant Apps

The number of instant apps is expected to grow in 2020 – those that have app features but work like a website, which you don’t have to download, which are smaller than regular apps, while offering better UI and better conversion rates.

Smarter Chatbots

Automatic answers already exist, however, many feel like they are talking to a machine or a robot. They lack that sense of human relationship, no matter that it is all online. Chances are that in the near future, this will be solved by creating more advanced chatbots, which will start and finish all communication process from offer to purchase, but will also be much more “sensitive”, that is, customers will have the feeling to communicate with a human being.

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