App Development

You need a Mobile App to boost your business? Let’s turn your idea into reality with an Mobile Application tailored to your needs!

Launch your ideas with a great mobile app

Did you know that the average user spends more than two hours a day using their cell phone?

The most important advantage of Mobile Apps is that the information you want to show users is already in their pocket, just one click away. Apps can display general information about your company, product prices, news, geolocations, search options, messages, notifications and more.

Through notifications, the users can easily be informed about new products and services offered by your Mobile App, even when the App is not launched. Whether it is Android, iPhone or iPad App, we will provide you with complete support in the development of a quality mobile solution.

App Development B1 media
App Development B1 media

Best Android app design

EASY TO USE. Managing the application is very simple. Important content is highlighted while other content is accessed through the navigation (menu).
INTERACTIVE. The App will allow the user “action”, settings according to their needs, contact or inquiry for a product or service, etc.
RESPONSIVE. Customized for all screen sizes on mobile phones.
GOOGLE FRIENDLY. The application uses tools recommended by Google.

TESTED. All applications go through a series of tests before commissioning, in order to eliminate all potential errors during operation.

We create modern and innovative Mobile Applications!

Whether you want an Android or iOs App, we are ready!

Easy product search and efficient shopping will make your customers to come back again.

We can connect your Mobile App to your Social Media, Google Analytics, website, Google Maps, etc.


We can follow the performance of your App,  with the maintenance and update program so we can upgrade the App to the best possible version –  which produces the largest number of conversions, purchases, queries and everything that is primarily the goal of the application.

Imagine that every application is a small money maker, which often directly or indirectly produces money, so any bad user experience ends with the user uninstalling the application.

Research shows that after uninstallation, almost 95% of users never return to it!

App Development B1 media


Let us develop your Mobile App so you can launch your business on the right way! You’ll be on your way to blowing up Google App Store instead of feeling overwhelmed. Get It Started!

  • Initial Review and Analysis
  • iOS or Android platform
  • Intuitive UI/UX design
  • In-Depp App Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • App Description Optimisation
  • Landing page creation & Customization
  • Google Analytics Setup (One time)
  • Push notification
  • Map integration
  • Phone call integration


Special offer


Social Media Integration is an important step in launching and promoting your application. Also, we’ll choose the best possible domain name that suits your brand name.