Instagram Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which Works for Your Brand

Many companies hire social media agencies to increase customer reach. However, the question is, which one suits your brand the best: Facebook or Instagram marketing agencies? With the increased importance of social networks, it’s completely natural to communicate with your customers through social media.

As a result, it’s crucial to strive to offer content to the widest possible audience by using social networks. However, you have to keep in mind that no matter how effective they are, social networks are at the same time complex, and you won’t be able to achieve the same results if you offer the same content on all platforms.

In other words, if you place an ad made by a Facebook digital marketing agency, the same content will most likely not bring the same results as content intended for the Instagram community. So, let’s find out which platform suits your brand the best, and how to maximize the results of your social media advertisements.

The Importance of Social Media

The influence of social networks is growing every day. As a result, marketing on popular platforms is becoming more exciting, but also more complicated. Naturally, large companies, as well as smaller ones that share similar aspirations, have recognized this trend and are using social networks to make better contact with their clients.
Marketing on Instagram, for example, would be considered a good business move if you target teenagers for your product. In this way, you can customize your strategy and ensure you’re interacting with prospects of a specific age. Social networks are a powerful weapon in your marketing strategy and they can, among other things, help you to:

  • Target specific groups;
  • Reach more clients;
  • Interact with your customers;
  • Personalize your content;
  • Present your product to a global audience.

Social networks also help you not only reach a wider audience, but interact with them at the same time. If you want to send a special promotion to your existing and potential clients using a combination of pictures, text and video, you may opt for marketing on Facebook. Such a move will help you not only communicate with your audience, but also get quality feedback about your product, which can be of great importance.

However, no matter how good your campaigns are, your ads will not bring the same results on both of the aforementioned social networks. The reason for this fact lies in the different concept of these two platforms. Therefore, let’s take a look at which of these two popular networks might benefit your brand more and why.

Advertising on Instagram

Statistics say that over 1 billion people use Instagram. Given these statistics, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are deciding to advertise their products through this social network. The decision of how and on which platform to present your brand also depends on who your product is intended for. The statistics are rock solid and when it comes to the age structure of Instagram users, here are some interesting numbers:

● 18-29 = 67%;
● 30-49 = 47%;
● 49-64 = 23%;
● 65 = 8%

Also, research shows that 72% of teens in the U.S. use this social network. If your brand is intended predominantly for this age group, a good choice might be to hire an Instagram marketing agency. If you want to maximize your results, hiring experts in the field of social media can be crucial.

Best Practices of Advertising on Instagram

As aforementioned, depending on your target group, your results will also depend on which social network you use. At the same time, the way you present your products must be adapted to the platform on which you are advertising.
Instagram is a social network through which interaction takes place in the form of images, as well as short videos, or “stories.” Additionally, Instagram marketing service allows you to fully use all of its perks in your marketing campaign. Therefore, your goal is to present your brand to your audience in the best possible way, leading to maximized results.

What is Your Goal?

Research has shown that 1/3 of the most viewed stories on Instagram belong to businesses. This data speaks to how significant this social network can be, but also influential when it comes to brand development.
A good Instagram strategy will not only ensure your product is seen; the goal of using this platform is to get users to interact on your profile. This can be a great indicator of where you stand, as well as how far you are from where you’d like to be in terms of exposure.

If you are dealing with Instagram advertising agency, you probably know that 68% of Instagram users log in to the network every day. Given that statistics, you’ll want to take advantage of every available opportunity for your brand.


The Instagram platform is mostly based on visual context. In this sense, this network consists of a combination of images and short videos. Stories or short videos last approximately one minute. This means you have that much time to present your brand in the best possible light.
For this reason, you always have the option of seeking the counsel of an Instagram ads agency, which can be beneficial if you’re not feeling confident in your own skills.
The reason for needing external assistance lies in the fact that 62% of users stated they like products when they have seen it on Insta stories. With this fact in mind, you may want the help of experienced marketing experts to attract more consumers.


The goal of using any social network is to spread the word about your existence. In addition to hiring agencies, a good practice can be hiring celebrities. This is why many companies nowadays are using Instagram influencer marketing, as a tool in their advertising campaign. The recipe is
simple: take advantage of the influence of a celebrity and advertise your product or service through their profile. Having that said, hiring influencers for Facebook, wouldn’t probably show the same results.


This social network was created in 2004 and currently represents the largest social network with over 2.45 billion users on a monthly basis. However, in order to spread the good word about your company, you need to have quality Facebook advertisement. In order for your campaign to be successful, you need to remember a few facts about the platform.


Contrary to Instagram, which is widely popular among younger users, Facebook is increasingly popular for people born prior to 1945. Additionally, statistics show that only 51% of U.S. teenagers use this platform in 2020, which is a declining trend. Available data for 2018 show that 71% of teenagers were active on this social network that year.

Facebook digital marketing agencies come to a conclusion that 75% of Facebook users are high-income earners. On the other hand, 49% of LinkedIn users belong to the group of people with higher cash incomes. As a result, depending on your brand strategy, you will have a clear insight into which platform to focus your strategy on. Should you opt for the services of a quality Facebook marketing company, many important data, such as those mentioned above, will be at your disposal.


One of the more important factors in planning your brand’s advertising strategy is the usage of statistics of the Facebook platform. Research has shown that this social network is used by 1.6 billion users a day. Given these figures, it’s clear how much marketing potential Facebook has.

Furthermore, statistics also show that 88% of users use Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family. For this reason, many companies decide to seek the services of a Facebook marketing agency in order to adapt their content to the needs of users.

Best Practices of Advertising on Facebook

The statistics are very clear and show that 94% of Facebook ad revenue comes from mobile phone users. For this reason, companies that want to advertise through this network adapt the content to users of mobile devices.
As a result, it’s clear that you’ll need to adapt your Facebook advertising strategy to the needs of the market in order to achieve a greater impact.
Also, an interesting fact is that most users watch video content without sound. With this in mind, it makes sense to customize the video content that presents your brand and capture the attention of potential users with a combination of images and colors.


Many Facebook advertising agencies consider that given Facebook’s diversity of users, you’ll be able to get the most out of what this social network can provide. Unlike Instagram, which focuses mainly on pictures and short videos, Facebook is much more interactive. In addition to pictures, you’ll be able to address your current and potential users in writing.
Articles, blogs, and short descriptions are just some of the options you can use to attract more users. If you don’t feel like leaving anything to chance, simply consult a Facebook ads agency. In addition to creating content, hiring marketing experts helps with encouraging users to interact with your brand. This gives you feedback on your product, and at the same time, increases your chances of gaining new customers.

Interesting Stats You Can Use to Your Advantage

  • 48% of Facebook revenue comes from the U.S. and Canada;
  • Facebook growth mainly takes place in developing countries;
  • 300 million users use Facebook stories every day;
  • Facebook marketing in UAE shows that 77,7% of UAE users are male;
  • There are over 10 million groups on Facebook.


The potential of social networks is enormous, both in a social and in a business sense. For this reason, more and more companies, regardless of their size, want to be part of a wide audience in order to be seen and recognized. In this sense, it’s very important to have a good strategy and carefully adjust the content depending on the target audience of your brand.

This is especially true for companies with smaller budgets that want to present their brand. Although tempting at first glance, omnipresence isn’t the magical solution that will launch your product into the stratosphere and generate profits. Instead, such a result requires patience, experience, a clear plan and a careful strategy.

In other words, a solution in the form of a uniformed display across all platforms will not give you the desired results. In fact, you need to customize your content. At the same time and depending on the platform on which you want to advertise, you can also enlist the help of an appropriate Facebook or Instagram marketing agency, which can tailor your advertisements according to your needs and make sure you achieve maximum results.

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