You are the CEO of your own BRAND!

Have you ever googled yourself? What are the results? Are you satisfied with the information you found? Do you even exist on Google?

You want to develop the brand that will represent you faithfully! Why?

Emmelie De La Cruz, personal branding strategist and founder of The Branding Muse, put it this way: “Competition is fierce and information is readily available. Before people decide to work with you, they will probably google you first. But without personal branding, what relevant information will they find? Personal branding could offer you much better business positions than you might expect without it. Building a personal brand consciously and strategically creates an immediate competitive advantage over your peers. “

In the interview that she gave to the Refinery29, De La Cruz single out 6 interesting guidelines for you:

1. Personal branding is not just for someone working in the media or similar industry. If you are an expert in your profession or want to market your business further, consider personal branding. This way you can expand your influence, exposure and even develop different types of income as a speaker or advisor.

2. If you have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile, you have already built the foundation of your personal brand. It’s the right time to single out the best posts or photos and in that way you can determine your audience and goals.


3. Be prepared to invest in your brand. Consult experts, designers. Hire marketing managers, influencers and bloggers. They can help you! The most important thing is to create a marketing strategy for you as a brand.

4. Have boundaries! It is really important to separate your personal and public life. Your online brand is a professional tool, so it should not be too much about your personal life. Make your lifestyle public, not your whole life! Give tips to your audience and let them learn them from you.

5. Likes and hearts! If you have a lot of followers and a very active audience, you should also have a lot of likes that could turn into money. Turn your followers into high paying clients.

6. Stay honest. Don’t lie to your followers and pretend that you’re something you’re not. Because the truth will come out eventually.



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