Instagram Marketing Agency UAE

Facebook is no longer a social marketing king! Instagram proudly stands by his shoulder!

What is Instagram Marketing and how can it help you?

Instagram marketing currently has the best effect and the best results of all social networks. Simply, people respond well to good pictures and good video and the combination of those two. With new features and places to advertise, Instagram provides a good choice for the vast majority of businesses. Now, in addition to the standard places, you can send interested parties to a website or other landing page, as well as collect leads.

Marketing on Instagram makes you increase your customer base from all over the world, or by local advertising on Instagram you introduce yourself to the neighborhood.

Instagram Marketing Strategy Plan

On Instagram You can Target People Who Matter Most to You

Make your Instagram Ads strategy reach the audience you want by using our precise targeting options.

  • Target people based in a specific location (country, city, zone, etc.). Find more customers in your area.

  • Find the audience based on information like age, gender, language, interests and more. Run Ads to people you already know based on their website visits and actions.

  • Reach people based on apps they use, accounts they follow, ads they click, hashtags they use and much more. 

  • Define your audience by activities they do on and off Instagram. Find new people who are similar to your existing customers in your targeted area. 
  • Let’s define the group you want to animate. Who are your customers? Where are they on the internet? What are their interests, habits? Who is your competition and what do they do online?

  • The results start showing immediately (clicks, reach, impressions, frequency and other metrics) and then conversions start happening. All these metrics need to be monitored and analized over the months in order to improve the complete digital performance.

  • With an effective internet marketing strategy, you make your business have a safe path to prosperity on the web, without wandering and with as few mistakes as possible.

Additional services that you may need

Video Production

Video production is an important resource for engaging your audience


We provide high quality and professional photography for your special moment.

Content Marketing

Our Content marketing agency in Abu Dhabi is unique and creative with a specialized team

Instagram Shop Setup

The Instagram shop is a great option for all ecommerce sites

Instagram Marketing & Ads Package

Starting from AED 1600 per month

Let us plan out your content so you know what to post, when to post, and how to post it. You’ll be on your way to blowing up on Instagram instead of feeling overwhelmed. Get It Started!

Instagram Marketing Package

Starting from AED 1600 per month

  • Choose How Many Posts/Month You Need
  • Content Creation, Posting & Design
  • Increase in Followers, Likes, Comments and Website Traffic
  • Goals and Objective Consultation
  • Business Page Optimization
  • Campaign Setup and Optimization
  • Promoted and Sponsored Post
  • Direct Messages to NEW or EXISTING followers
  • Targeted Demographic Campaigns
  • Story Posts
  • Engagement Posts (meme, quiz etc.)
  • Hashtag Research
  • Monthly Report
  • Minimum 3 Months Contract Duration
  • SOCIAL MEDIA BUDGET NOT INCLUDED* (average from AED 1500 and above)
  • Note: For any additional Platform that you want to advertise on (Snapchat or LinkedIn or Twitter…) there are additional charges.


Special offer


Let us plan out your content so you know what to post, when to post, and how to post it. You’ll be on your way to blowing up on social media instead of feeling overwhelmed. Get It Started!

*Until the end of the month