Trend colors to use in 2018 / Fifty shades of violet

The most popular color in 2018

Latris Eisen,director of the Pantone Institute pointed out trends in colors for the year of 2018. He beleives that the love of colors will continue.

Fifty shades of violet

provocative and thoughtful purple shade”

Pointed out trends in colors for the year of 2018.

Trend color of 2018He believes that the love of colors will continue as the human eye can absolutely not avoid anything pearly and translucent. Metallic colors fit with neutral, while the bright and colorful colors will replace the pastel shades, reflecting our ever more intense lifestyle.

While in 2017, the most popular were natural shades of green, in 2016 it was white, and in 2018 it yields a complete concord – ultra violet. Experts believe that this color is fully in line with new trends and will enable designers to have a variety of shades that will certainly be seductive.

Even though this color will most dominate the fashion industry,  its applicability will certainly be visible in other designer areas.

Whatever kind of purple you choose, in 2018 you will not make a mistake, and given that by the end of this year you have left just a few days, you can start exploring it right away.