Be the first to know – what to expect in 2018

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It’s not just the internet that’s growing rapidly, the numbers for social media overall are already impressive…

We are already used to a fact that digital world can change over night, and let alone over the year. Technology is progressing daily and influencing changes in trends. What is new today – is tomorrow’s outdated news. This is supported by the fact that in some parts of the world robots have become an integrated part of society, while it was an unimaginable scenario just a few years ago. Many of the new trends and changes occurred on social networks that are increasingly oriented to the market, but we should not neglect the users of these networks whose demands are also increasing.

The advancement of technology has led to higher appetites for business owners. Many have recognized the benefits of digital business, many have used the potential of online markets, while individuals have successfully accomplished all their business goals using the benefits provided by the Internet. It’s very difficult to stay competitive, and track the flow of all the changes, which is why we offer you insight in what can you expect in 2018.


Can you imagine your life without your smartphone? How many apps you have installed right now? Smartphones today almost completely replaced all other technology products. With the rapid development of applications, we are becoming increasingly dependent on these small devices.

As Deloitte predicted “over a bilion smartphone users will create augmented reality content at least once in 2018, with three hundred milion being monthly creators and tens of milions making and sharing content weekly”. Further on, smart phones are increasingly becoming a business tool that tends to significantly increase business profits. It is evident that many successful companies today use smartphones in sales, marketing and even logistics. Their use is observed in banking, especially due to the development of the mobile payment system. So, if you are a business owner and you want to stay competitive, you should experiment with apps. Those kind of things are surely good investment in future.


With the burst of Instagram and Facebook live options, more and more people are engaging in video presentation. Video content is now the most effective way to get atention on the web. Just look at youtube – new content is posted every second, and the number of viewers is rapidly increasing. In 2018. Will most definitely be the year of motion pictures, no filter just raw material in high resolution. For example, the Facebook Live feature was created last year and completely dominated the Internet. It allows users to record videos and share them with their friends.In business terms, this option can be used in the following ways:

    • Let the audience see what’s happening behind the scenes
    • Show a piece of the new product and interest them to see the rest
    • Promote events
    • Answer audience questions


What gives real power to social networks is their adaptation to new trends. Instagram and Facebook are continually introducing new options, making them extremely attractive for business purposes. For example, Instagram has introduced the option of a “story”, and maybe more important is the “going live” option. In addition, new applications are constantly being developed to improve the usability of this network.

High performance, low cost, easy communication and great convenience for marketing messages are the main benefits of social networks. If you have not already, try to pay more attention to promoting your business on social media in the next year. We promise it will pay off.

Augmented reality is a must-have in 2018

In augmented reality, an artificial digital world melts into a real physical world. The name aggravated reality has become a common name after the Pokemon Go video game, but this technology has been in existence for a long time. In an enhanced reality, you can play video games, advertise your products, and something can revive.

The number of applications for virtual reality is growing rapidly, sets of sockets and headphones appear on the market, and opportunities to go to one of these worlds are more available than ever before. This, of course, means potentially more advertisements
“Augmented and virtual reality would have to make a profit of $ 150 billion in 2020, that is, the developing industry, which will draw the attention of advertisers,” says Katey Richards, a journalist at Adveek magazine.
For brand owners, this means that customers will have to come up with an experience that will simultaneously advertise their products, e.g. Merkel’s virtual climb to the mountain to promote their hiking boots.

Bearing in mind the value of information, investing in new communication networks or improving and transforming existing ones makes a notable difference in the performance of successful companies. On the other hand, active participation in the creation of new world trends in delivering higher productivity of labor, as well as taking the leading position in the world market .

We are leaving 2017.smarter, sharper, more experienced, and ready to embrasse all the novelties that will come.