Increase Email Marketing ROI

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to reach your customers and promote your business. The way to keep up to date with your potential…

 … customers on all of your specials. You can send weekly or monthly newsletters, but the most important is to be consistent with newsletters and to give customers what they want to receive.

Why is important to increase your email list?

Building an email list is crucial because it’s the best way to build a relationship and direct access to your customers. Some of them are annoying, but this is the preferred method of effective communication now and in the future. They check the list every or every other day, now even on mobile, which means that you can reach to them, no matter where they are.

As you see some big e-commerce sites get you continually buy their products by sending you new offers on a regular basis.  If you aren’t selling any products, you should still collect emails so you can get people back to your site on a continual basis. For example, if you have a blog, every time you publish a new post, you can notify your list, which will help increase repeat traffic.

But does Email Marketing still work?

If someone has given you their email address they are ready to engage with your content or products.

Anytime a business operates, they need email. you can bet that if you get an email in their inbox and they read it, you can generate sales.

But again there is so much competition in the email box. So you have to follow some instructions.

How to Increase Click Through Rate and Boost Sales?

Email Marketing drive sales and increase revenues.

One of the easiest ways to make your customers want to receive your newsletter is by including discount codes and coupons. This will encourage them to click the link and discover more about your product/service.

For example, I like creating custom & lookalike audiences on Facebook & Instagram Ads and re-engage with my email subscribers on those platforms.

After uploading the email list, Facebook will match the data to the user information they have and then you can set up the campaign and measure the results.

There is a few more tips to create a successful campaign:

  1. Tell a story
  2. Personalize
  3. Design for mobile
  4. Add Creative Subject Line
  5. The goal of the headline is to get people open their EMAIL and read your copy ( the most important are first 150 characters of your email)
  6. Include multiple links ( but let’s say the average is 2-3 links)
  7. Call to Action – Click Here Now, Grab it Here today, Follow their tips, Learn more here … (People are much more likely to click through because they know it’s benefit-driven)
  8. Share your address and Unsubscribe button
  9. Test before sending
  10. Follow up with your reports and check your open rate

 PRO Tip: When you do set up your email marketing, ask yourself these two questions every time—before you hit send:

  • Is this email interactive (forms, media, connection to the site and other channels)?
  • Does it offer my customers something valuable? (Advice, resources, discounts, downloads, etc)

One of the good ways to start with Email Marketing is by automating your emails:

  • Sending a welcome email to new customers
  • Sending a birthday greeting
  • Sharing offers and discounts with loyal customers
  • Reminding people who filled their cart but didn’t make a purchase

Sometimes it can be time-consuming to create newsletters and content.

That’s why we are here to help.

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