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Capture the Magic of Your Special Day with Our Wedding Photography Services!

Our professional wedding photographers are skilled in capturing the essence of your love story. As you plan your wedding, consider investing in our creative talents to ensure that your love story is forever on time.

Why To Choose Us

Professional Expertise 

Our photographers have extensive experience and are professionally trained in creating stunning visuals using angles and lighting conditions.

Creative Vision 

We have a team of creative photographers who capture your celebration with artistic vision. We promise to deliver visuals that are attractive.

 Personalized Approach 

We understand that every client is unique. We tailor our services to meet your requirements and needs to achieve the highest level of satisfaction.

Exceptional Editing 

Our techniques used for editing are exceptional and deliver the best results. The team uses professional tools to retouch your photos.

Best Wedding Photographs

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We Love What We Do

We create your wedding album with love and passion. Consult us now for the perfect selection of your packages.

Planning for your wedding photography?

The B1 Media team is here to provide you with exceptional photography services. We are, athe passionate wedding photographers dedicated to preserving the magic of your special day. With an artistic eye and a heart filled with love, we strive to capture every precious moment, emotion, and detail that makes your wedding unique. Our team is trained professionally to understand your needs and perform the best based on your requirements.

Choose B1 Media for an amazing wedding album that reflects the essence of your special wedding day. Stunning images that you will cherish forever. The B1 Media team will share the best visuals for the best prices. Consult us now to allocate the best package for your day.

Your love story deserves to be captured!


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At B1 Media, we offer the best photography services with the best camera tools and equipment. Our team will work on the production to serve unique materials based on your requirements. 

Post Production 

After your celebration, our team will work closely with you to put your own style on your own videos to create something magical. Creative production is held by the creative team to generate exclusive ideas.