Social Media Marketing for Pony Nursery

Pony Nursery is smart innovative concept in Abu Dhabi. Pony Nursery follows the British Curriculum EYFS in preparing young kids to master skills needed in their early stage of life.

We created Campaigns and targeted people interested in car wash, both companies and individuals that are looking for this service. Social Media Campaign (Facebook and Instagram) is created with the goal to maximize traffic to the App Download Page, Instagram Page and build Brand Awareness.


Instagram Page: Pony Nursery

  • An increase in Instagram traffic, messages, leads and engagement.
  • Impressions per month 106,501 people (several times appeared to the same person)
  • Reach growth 38,362 (unique view)
  • 11 Leads, 60 Messages, 829 Clicks to the Instagram Page in 1 Month of period
Pony Nursery - Social Media Marketing - Portfolio -
Pony Nursery - Social Media Marketing - Portfolio -
Pony Nursery - Google Analytics - Portfolio - Advertising Agency -
After creating A / B testing for Facebook and Instagram ads, we tested which visual photo is bringing the most interaction.
We installed the custom and lookalike audiences to attract people who already visited Instagram Page and show ads to them and also people similar to those people.
Pony Nursery - Google AdWords - Portfolio - Advertising Agency -
Pony Nursery - Social Media Marketing - Portfolio -