Birthday Photography & Videography

Capturing Your Special Day Of The Year For Moments Worth Remembering

We proudly offer the fastest and most reliable photography services. With our creative photographers, we show perfect shots of your birthday with moments full of love and joy. Never let your birthday go unnoticed. Leave it to our photographers!

Why To Choose Us

Professional Expertise 

Our photographers have extensive experience and are professionally trained in creating stunning visuals using angles and lighting conditions.

Creative Vision 

We have a team of creative photographers who capture your celebration with artistic vision. We promise to deliver visuals that are attractive.

 Personalized Approach 

We understand that every client is unique. We tailor our services to meet your requirements and needs to achieve the highest level of satisfaction.

Exceptional Editing 

Our techniques used for editing are exceptional and deliver the best results. The team uses professional tools to retouch your photos.

Make Your Birthday Celebration Unforgatble Through Our lens

Birthday Photography turns your special day into timeless memories. We can’t wait to be a part of your birthday celebration and capture moments you’ll cherish forever.

We specialize in capturing the joy, excitement, and laughter of birthday celebrations. Whether it’s a child’s first birthday, a milestone event, or a grand birthday bash, we ensure every candid moment is documented beautifully.

To highlight your day and make it special, you should have a photographer documenting all day’s happiness and joy. We will make sure you shine during your day for an unforgettable celebration.

Make your celebration special with B1 Media experts & a professional team of photographers. We document your celebration for a magical inspiring memory to always remember.

Charlotte cake smash ✔


B1 Media offers the best photography services with camera tools and equipment. Our team will work on the production to serve unique materials based on your requirements. 

  • Premium Cinematic Quality Production
  • High-Professional & Latest Camera Equipment
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Professional Wireless Microphone
  • Professional Video Editing
  • Title Graphics, Music & Color Grading
  • Logo Animation

Post Production 

After your celebration, our team will work closely with you to put your own style on your own videos to create something magical. Creative production is held by the creative team to generate exclusive ideas. 

Elevate your birthday photos with creative effects that add a touch of magic. From vintage vibes to contemporary flair, our team can apply a variety of effects to suit your personal style.

Ready to see your birthday memories in a whole new light? Contact us to discuss your post-editing needs and let us transform your photographs into timeless pieces of art. Your special day deserves nothing less.


Package #1

1 hour
550 AED
  • 1 Photographer
  • 40 Edited Images
  • All Images Provided

Package #2

2 hours
1000 AED
  • 1 Photographer & Videographer
  • 60 Edited Images
  • All Images Provided
  • 1 Reel/Highlights Video

Package #3

2 hours
1200 AED
  • 1 Photographer & Videographer
  • 100 Edited Images
  • All Images Provided
  • 1 Reel/Highlights Video
  • Long Video

  • Additional hour – 400 AED
  • Transportation fees can be applied
  • 1 retouched image – 25 AED
  • Color correction for all raw photos – 300 AED