Ecommerce Website Development

Ecommerce Website Development

Whether you are interested in adding sales functionality to your site or you are ready to (re) design a complete online store, our team is ready to help you.
Any complexity and for any purpose. From one page template to a full e-commerce website or large Internet portals.
A full cycle of development, support and maintenance. We provide safe and fast solution for your website.
Safe Payment system and various payment options – PayPal, Card payment, Cash on Delivery.
Convenience and functionality at their fingertips. Easy Checkout. Monthly / Weeky purchase reports.

Why do you need an e-commerce website?

An e-commerce website allows you to create your online store and put your products/services directly for sale with online payment via Pay Pal, Card payment or even Cash on delivery. It is a real exhibition space with the help of which you can get new clients. Your website becomes a real catalog of products on the Internet. Your customers use a space that contains all the information: images from all angles, product comments, not only commercial but also technical specifications.

To sell online you will need a website that should be representative, understandable to your customers, easy to navigate, and clearly branded. The design and development of your e-commerce website is probably the biggest business step you will have. 

Internet payment gateway system setup

A reliable and secure system for online authorization of payment cards and other forms of online payment is probably the most important element on which the success of your online store can directly depend. 

Payment Gateway (IPG) is very simply a ‘card acceptor’ of your online store. Of course, a good Payment Gateway offers much more. It reduces lost sales, ie. increases the ‘conversion’ of visitors into customers, speeds up and reduces the initial costs of integration, gives you constant access to data on your payment transactions, offers a whole range of tools to protect against internet fraud, etc. 

According to our experience, the success of your sales may very much depend on the payment system you are using. The more stable and high-quality the system is, the easier sales will be, and you will gain the trust of customers. 


Why should you hire a digital marketing agency to develop your eCommerce site?

Website for your business can be a powerful online tool, let us show you how.

Digital marketing agency and website development agency can help you in several ways: first how to choose the right platform on which your store will be located, then to arrange the products in a simple and efficient catalog, and finally to connect the payment system with your website. Additionally, a website development agency will link analytics and Google business to your site, making it easier for you to track conversions and sales. 

On the other hand, Digital Marketing Agency is very important for promoting your products, especially connecting to social networks and advertising products.

Custom Shop Design 99%
Wocommerce Setup 99%
CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Wix...) 99%
PayPal, Card payment, Cash on delivery 99%

The key elements of a successful ecommerce website

Delivery Service – Select the delivery service through which you will deliver the product

Online customer support – ensure a constant line of communication with your online customers

Updated inventory – Internet shoppers are especially sensitive if you sell them something you don’t have in stock

Mobile app / site – Soon most e-shopping will be via mobile devices. Be prepared

SSL Certificate – Install an SSL certificate on your domain and provide customers with more secure purchases

Quality Hosting – Choose a quality hosting provider for fast and stable operation of your online store.

Our Process

Easy steps to get success with your eCommerce website. We can materialize your dreams and ideas into reality.

Shop Setup

Insert Products

Analytics and Measuring

Payment Setup

Let’s define the UX & UI together!

UX (user experience) is the experience that the user has on your website. 

UI (user interface) is the way a user navigates through your website. This is the essence of every online store. It is up to us to anticipate this path and enable the customer to feel as comfortable as possible while performing the shopping process. The point is that the customer at each station has exactly what he can recognize (expect) and what will help him make an online purchase.


Let us create and launch your Ecommerce Website so you can start selling your products on the right way! You’ll be on your way to blowing up Google instead of feeling overwhelmed. Get It Started!

Ecommerce Development Package

Started from AED 1600 per month

  • Domain / Hosting Registration
  • Basic SEO
  • Product Listing
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Email Account
  • Technical Support
  • Product Gallery
  • Manage Orders
  • Customer Login / Registration
  • Monthly / Weekly Reports
  • Newsletter Signup Form
  • Payment Success Notification
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Product share on Social Media


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